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More About Me


  • I’ve been working professionally in audio for 10 years, in both analog/acoustic and digital.

  • Have quality audio recording equipment for recording samples

  • Have a plethora of cinematic, professional quality sound samples to work with for your game

  • Wide knowledge of harmony and rhythm from various aspects of music and sound

  • Unique synth creation 

  • Professional, efficient and good with communication 


  • Trained in the Estill voice method I can adapt style, character and energy into your script to create the best impact - knowledge of vocal mechanics and controllable variations for a variety of voices


  • Trained professional bowed string instrument maker I have a highly tuned ear for sound quality and have also studied widely in acoustical harmonic design - can create unique high quality sound instruments and sound tools to add uniqueness to projects!

  • Wide knowledge of world music, especially African - great for rhythm, timing and non western harmony incorporation

  • Musician - kora and violin - musical knowledge and flow

  • Dancer - swing and bachata - great for foley!


Great sound design sticks with us forever ever since playing video games as children. It connects and attaches to memories and emotions that immerse your players into a world of adventure creating magic and mystery.


Creating emotion, expression and depth in games is what I specialise in through sound effect design. I bring a wealth of knowledge to your project through sound instruments making, recording techniques, voiceover design and sound effect layering and effect chains to bring your players the full experience of your game. Let’s make an impact together.


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Birmingham, UK

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