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Puzzle/Action Platformer Reel

Horror/Fighting Reel

Recording sessions and sound instruments

(all personally made)


Imaginative Soundscapes for Games

Game sound designer for stylized, lovingly-animated games with a background as a violin maker.

My passion for game sound design stems from a love of experimenting and lifelong learning in audio, creating unique universes to engulf game players in new spaces mentally and emotionally.


I make full use of my background as a violin maker to build interesting objects to record original sound effects with to add uniqueness to projects, whilst always looking to make use of new technologies for techniques and implementations to connect audio with the dynamic elements of the game world and the player such as procedural audio systems.



- Featured Graduate - Unreal 5 Implementation at the School of Video Game Audio
- Winner of Best Creativity at the Source - StillAlive Games Robert Dudzic Sound Challenge


Unreal Engine 5 Implementation Reel
Wwise/Unity Implementation Reel

Featured Grad at the School of Video Game Audio

Game sound design with original instruments

Prize winner in The Robert Dudzic Sound Challenge "Best creativity at the source" category

Selected Games

Great sound design sticks with us forever ever since playing video games as children. It connects and attaches to memories and emotions that places your players into a world of adventure creating magic, mystery and new possibilities.

Creating emotion, expression and depth in games is what I specialise in through sound effect design. I bring a wealth of knowledge to your project through sound instruments making, recording techniques, voiceover design, sound effect layering and effect chains to bring your players the full depth of experience of your game. Let’s make an impact together.


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